Giving Through Gardening

2013-14 Grant Awards

By nurturing a love of gardening, a respect for nature and giving back where we can—we are hoping to benefit our community, one classroom at a time.


Mill Creek Garden Club proudly announces it’s 2013-2014 “Giving Through Gardening” recipients. The following elementary schools were asked to apply: Cedar Wood; Forest View; Mill Creek; Woodside and Penny Creek.   We are thankful to the community in their support of our Spring Basket Sale and the Garage Sale this spring as those activities fund our Giving Through Gardening Grants.


Here are the winning projects


Cedar Wood Principal, Dr. David Jones with member Sandi Vivion and teacher/grant writer, Char Erickson with the children

Cedar Wood, Dr. David Jones, Principal; Grant Writer, Char Erickson
“Eat Your Veggies “
Our grant will be used to enrich the soil and plant six raised beds. The harvest will supply vegetables to a local food bank. A compost bin tumbler, long-handled shovels, gloves and hoses will be purchased, along with trellises for growing peas and beans. Caring for a vegetable garden, plus giving back to our community—two worthwhile endeavors.

Forest View Butterfly Garden

Forest View, Holly Martinez, Principal; Grant Writer, Debra Strong
“All Aflutter”
With their interactive trail plan nearing its final phase, it’s time to focus on a smaller project—a butterfly garden. Mentored by MCGC’s Patricia Huckell, the 5th graders came up with a plan. Their request for potting soil, flowering plants, herbs and large flat rocks for butterfly landings was approved. Plant it and they will come!

Penny Creek, Chad Golden, Principal; Grant Writer, Melissa Dilling
“It’s Raining, it’s Pouring”
Our funds will purchase three 40 gallon rain barrels, urban water test kits and drip irrigation soaker tubing. Students will monitor rainfall levels, test the water and then use the reclaimed water to irrigate their school’s gardens. No, umbrellas were not on their list of supplies!

Woodside Principal Dr. Betty Cobbs and teacher-librarian/grant writer, Joan Litzkow

Woodside, Dr. Betty Cobbs, Principal; Grant Writer, Joan Litzkow
“Bzzz, It’s Bees”
Our Grant will provide a Sprout & Grow Window and kits for Seed Starting, Save the Bees, Pollinator Activity and computer software on the ecosystem and changing earth. We are thrilled to assist in this study of the declining bee population. Good luck with the “Pollinator Garden.” Follow the buzzing to Woodside!