Meeting Speakers

A Listing of Our Scheduled Speakers and Topics
September 2017

“The Gardener’s Seven Deadly Sins” – Greg Butler


October 2017

“Art in the Garden”  -Christina Salwitz

November 2017

A behind the scenes look at how the Convention Center comes alive with garden creations for the annual Flower and Garden Show. From the arrival of the first truck to the last. – Susan Browne

December 2017

Christmas Party!

January 2018

“Making our yards more wildlife friendly”  –Dr. John Marzluff

February 2018

“Stealing Beauty – Best Ideas from Around the World”  –Marianne Binetti

March 2018

“Herbs” – Sue Goetz

April 2018

“Growing Clematis” –Laura Watson

May 2018

“Succulents” – Lynn Menne

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